Do you need a confidential, professional online assistant?

Transcription  |  Document Production
Legal Secretarial Skills Training | Small Law Office Services

Transcription Services

Do you need someone to transcribe your audio tapes or provide routine transcription services? With over 25 years' experience typing legal documents from transcription, I will produce professional documents with a short turn around time. 

Document Production

Do you need routine or confidential letters and agreements and/or court pleadings and appellate briefs typed from rough draft or transcription?  Familiar with Washington state formatting requirements.

Training - Legal Secretarial Skills

Does your staff need individual or group training related to English skills and professional law office procedures or computer training?  I have a M.Ed. from the University of Washington and over 12 years' experience training adults at a technical college. Let me know if you need consultation in selecting materials or if you need specific materials developed for your law firm.

Small Law Office Services

Have you ever wondered about the quality of your written communications?  I can critique your formatting and give you quick advice on how to make more professional-looking documents.  Also I can create customized pleading paper, letterhead and other documents to use as templates for your new law office.  Let me create an Internet presence for your small law firm for less than $200 a year.


Do you have questions about grammar, professionalism, attitude, legal knowledge, and how-to's?  Just go to the blog area above and let's see what others think!